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Clinical Hypnotherapy
For many people, their initial awareness of Hypnotherapy will come from watching stage hypnotists as they seemingly “make” their audience members part of the show.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is totally different to this.
During a Hypnotherapy session, the individual will always be fully in control and aware of their surroundings at some level.  The client is helped to develop skills in self-hypnosis which mean that they can continue to receive the benefits outside of their sessions as needed.
Most people report that being in a hypnotic state is comfortable and pleasant; a state of deep relaxation that is similar to that experienced when we daydream or drift off to sleep.
Hypnotherapy allows the subconscious part of our mind (where memories and beliefs are held) to be more open to positive, helpful suggestions that can help to bring about desired changes.
Hypnotherapy can be helpful in a wide range of situations, especially where a change in behaviour  is desired.  These include smoking cessation, weight management, confidence and self-esteem building, phobia release, treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and stress reduction.

Sessions last one hour and cost £55

(excluding Smoking Cessation where sessions are typically two hours)



Free initial half hour consultation available.
Please contact me for more information