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Holistic Parties - "Finding calm in today's busy world"

How would you like to create a sanctuary of calmness within your own home - where you can spend time catching up with friends, being pampered, and placing your own needs at the top of the list?

We will come to your house and help you to create a  calming and healing space within your own home.  All you need to do is invite your friends, indulge, and enjoy yourselves.

During the party, each person will have the chance to spend 20 minutes on a treatment of their choice.  During these treatments, activities will be available for the rest of the group to enjoy, such as Angel Cards, mini-meditations, hand massages, and more.
Finally, at the end of the party, we can guide the whole group through a meditation exercise designed to still the soul and calm the senses.
Treatments are as follows:
Reiki healing: a gentle and deeply relaxing treatment, ideal for relieving stress and any areas of discomfort and tension.  Helps to encourage a feeling of general well-being in body and mind.
Hopi Ear Candles: a wonderfully calming and effective treatment, used to gently relieve wax build-up. Also beneficial for treating migraines, sinus problems, and for general relaxation or stress relief (contraindications apply).
Tarot card readings: an ancient method of discovering more about the self and current influences in your life.
Further treatments are available on request, including Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing, and Beauty Therapy treatments.
The cost of this wonderful experience is just £20 per person.
Further treatments are available on the day, if time allows (subject to an agreed, additional fee).
I look forward to sharing this experience with you
Sarah x