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Reiki is a very gentle and effective therapy that can be used in a wide variety of situations, including pain and discomfort, stress and depression, headaches, and many chronic health conditions.
Reiki works with the energy in the body - indeed the word Reiki means "universal energy".  Reiki is chanelled to the main Chakras (energy centres), helping to clear blockages and bring fresh, positive energy back into the system.
During a treatment you will remain fully clothed, and usually lie on a comfortable couch.  I will place my hands gently on areas of your body that correspond to the Chakras, and they will remain still for a few minutes in each position.  There is nothing else that you need to do - just relax and enjoy the treatment.
People usually describe a feeling of deep relaxation during a treatment, and can often feel warmth from the energy coming through my hands.  Sometimes people also say that they see colours or feel other pleasant sensations.  A Reiki treatment should cause no discomfort, and clients often feel much better afterwards where there may have been pain beforehand.
Reiki is a safe treatment to use in nearly all situations - the only time I would not use Reiki is over a broken bone.  I work as a volunteer therapist at a local Cancer Centre sometimes and Reiki is the only therapy that clients are allowed whilst going through Chemo or Radiotherapy treatment.
As mentioned before, Reiki can also be very beneficial for animals, particularly where ill health or fears are concerned.
Treatments last for one hour and cost £30
Shorter treatments are also available if required.